Thanks for making Masterminds Education Introductory Seminar a resounding success!

Well, it’s been a frantic few months, building up to Masterminds Education’s showcase event and seminar last week (24 March), and I’m literally only now just getting the opportunity to grab a minute to sit down to write to you about how it all went!

As with all major events (this includes, of course, getting the kids to school in the morning!), it can all seem very chaotic in the moment. However, the planning did pay off and we’re delighted to have welcomed so many interested parents to the showcase, at the Mina A’ Salam, last Tuesday.

We were, of course, delighted to have our dear education partner, Douglas Doman – co-author of the Gentle Revolution Series – present at the showcase event. Douglas’ “How to multiply your baby’s intelligence” lecture series once more demonstrating what a huge success it is, wherever in the world he presents it.


But before I forget: On behalf of Masterminds Education, I would – once again – like to offer a special thank you to all you who attended, and to the many behind the scenes who helped bring it together, for what was a truly wonderful evening.


In addition to an information-packed evening, we also hope you enjoyed the gift bag with the “How to multiply your baby’s intelligence” book, to read at your leisure – and, of course, the gift tokens, courtesy of Katakeet stores.

In the lead up to the event we were also in the throws of getting our initial promotional campaign off the ground and we are glad to note the great response we are starting to build and receive via our new Facebook and Twitter pages.


You may have also seen some of the coverage we’ve been getting in the UAE press or heard Douglas on the radio, prior to the event, and we intend to keep that going so as to keep as many of you informed about what we’re doing.

Over the next few months we’ll be looking to provide more and more information and to share with you the milestones we are making – leading up to the planned official opening, this September.

Of course, if you were unfortunately unable to attend the showcase event, don’t despair!

To find out more about how you can offer your child the very best start in life and help them achieve intellectual, physical and social and excellence, check out our website at, or go to our new Facebook or Twitter pages and keep up to date with all the latest news and updates.

Application forms can be downloaded from the website, but you can also drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you ASAP if you prefer that option.

Anyway, as any mother will tell you: the work never stops! So, I best get back to the mission at hand, which includes sorting out yet more stuff to sort out with the business, as well as the “professional mothering” that is always part of the day-to-day routine!

For those of you who have submitted forms already, I’ll keep you up to date and look forward to providing more updates in next week’s blog!

Bye for now!


The author of this blog is Tania Siddiqi –professional mother and Director of Masterminds Education.